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Bless the Children's Mission is to free abandoned and impoverished children from the chains of poverty by empowering them with health, shelter, educational and spiritual support so that they may become productive members of their society.

Student Scholarship Program


Millions of children around the world are being denied a basic, fundamental human right - the right to education.   When parent's cannot afford to send their child to school that child usually has a life of doing hard labor or may even be sent to the streets to beg, both in an effort to help support their family.  When the child grows up and has children of their own they typically can't afford to send their own children to school.  The cycle of poverty has continued because the parents have no education and so have limited opportunities for work.  Education breaks the cycle of poverty.


Education has the power to lift a child out of this repeating cycle. 
We work hard to help children go to school and stay in school.  We need your help.

Our scholarship program provides children the opportunity to go to school.  All children sponsored by Bless the Children's Student Scholarship Program are at risk.  They are either abandoned, orphaned or from families of extreme poverty.

Financial donations made by sponsors in the United States provide everything a child needs to attend school for a full school year: 2 school uniforms, school shoes, t-shirts, athletic wear and tennis shoes, socks, a backpack, school supplies and books.  They often receive other needed items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, towel and washcloth, flip flops, etc.  These are things they could never afford to have on their own.  Children share their scholarship with their brothers and sisters, making it possible for multiple children in a family to have access to education.  We also support the education of severely poor children in orphanages.  All of the children share their scholarship so that the most benefit.

So many children need your help.  Please donate to help a child receive an education and be free from poverty.   Funds are received into a general scholarship fund so that all children in the program receive equal support.  

Please help a poor child receive an education. 
Your donation of $40 per month will help a child receive an education. 


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